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Report-700-CrunchedOnce basketball was a simple sport. All you had to do was the aim, shoot and win. But with changing times, the sport has changed immensely too. It is no longer the simple game it used to be. Instead, it has evolved into art, with skills and techniques which have to be learned and practiced in order to succeed. What skills could basketball players possibly need to succeed? Well, there is an entire science behind the game, but in order to get the perfect basketball shot, it all narrows down to one thing: how high you can jump.

Basketball Player scoring an athletic, amazing slam dunk in a professional basketball game

Many basketball players believe that no matter the technique, if they train hard, surely they shall be able to jump high enough for a dunk. Though, that is what many believe, it does not, however, hold to be true. At least that is not what the trainers at The Jump Manual believe in. According to them, it is targeted and specialized training that helps you jump higher, thus perfecting your basketball shot. If you can jump higher, you’re automatically closer to the basket, and it should intuitively make sense that you’ll have a greater probability of landing a dunk. The way to go about this is carefully and simply explained in The Jump Manual, an easy to understand program that’s specifically designed to help all athletes improve their vertical jump in only 12 weeks.

Provided that you agree with the above argument for the need to work on your vertical jump for the perfect basketball shot, here are the answers to any further questions that may arise in your mind:

  • Why is “specialized” training required to dunk better? Because you need to work on particular muscles to jump higher. For example, the obvious ones like legs and glutes, but also ones like your core and arm muscles.

  • How do I find a trusted vertical jump training solution? By signing up for and following The Jump Manual at

  • Why should you choose only this manual out of numerous other programs being offered? Whereas other “manuals” are more like blogs which give you an overview of what needs to be done, The Jump Manual is a one of a kind training program, which explains everything in detail, is easy to understand, and guarantees results at the end. While most other sites are based on a commission and not written by actual trainers, this manual is written by a certified trainer.

    Prior to The Jump Manual’s introduction, there was a serious lack on the internet of a formal training program for athletes to follow in order to train hard and obtain that perfect basketball shot. Athletes took to the internet to try and figure out why they couldn’t jump high and what needed to be done. With no specific program to help them out, they continued to be lost and in search of answers. Athletes wasted away in general training, wasting not only their time and money, but also ultimately losing their motivation and giving up. This is why The Jump Manual came as a great relief to all athletes looking for such answers; it provided them with a program which was solely designed for the specific purpose to please them first and foremost, before the other general public.

    If you want to truly master jumping higher, you need to work hard to get there too. Time and energy needs to be put into it. The program is not for the feeble-hearted. Because it is divided over the duration of 12 weeks, determination is a key factor required. The manual walks you through the program step by step, introducing the various new techniques and explaining how to go about doing them effectively and efficiently for the best results. This process of divulging deeper and deeper into the problem in order to solve it better is termed as “peeling the onion”. Soon, when all the layers have been peeled off with great effort, the core of the onion, which is a metaphor for the core of the program, is achieved, and all the hard work pays off.

    Most people are making massive mistakes in their training routines, and they don’t even realize it. Starting from their basic training without guidance, athletes believe that general training will help strengthen their entire body muscles, and this will automatically help improve their vertical jump. Most athletes work on their vertical jumps only without realizing that jumping higher is related not only to the jump itself but also to the speed. So there is more than one element to focus and train on in order to progress towards a higher vertical jump. But since there was no tested and tried program for athletes before the introduction of The Jump Manual, they went on believing what their coaches and trainers told them, and thus created a sense of “false progress” without any actual visible progress taking place. The Jump Manual serves to correct all of these inaccurate principles and techniques. It does so by first realizing the mistaken concepts and then providing corrections and proper techniques in place of those concepts.

    Now, what exactly is it that The Jump Manual claims to teach you? Well, it starts off by explaining what we all do wrong with our training. Usually, the fault is that instead of training harder each day so that we progress, we train the same amount each day. As a result, we’re staying at a constant level and only working to increase our endurance. What this does is gives you a false sense of progress because you’ve tried after every session of incorrect training to the maximum what you assume it is paying off, when in fact, it isn’t. After clarifying the difference between the wrong techniques and principles of training from the right ones, The Jump Manual makes a simple claim, which is to help you improve your vertical jump so that you can jump higher and always score that basketball shot to win.

    To start off, the program is all about a simple equation, which is to maximize your muscle strength, quickness and neurological response to equal an explosive jump. This means that you’ll have to work on your intensity rather than your endurance. This is done by targeting all the different facets involved, rather than just concentrating on one of them like most of the other programs do so. There are a total of 9 different facets, such as your flexibility and your stability etcetera. Each facet out of the 9 is discussed and explained in The Jump Manual.

    Apart from all the techniques and physical training principles, there is also the mention of the benefits and importance of a nutritious diet so that athletes going through the program are aware of how to treat their body. The manual includes a diet plan called “The Ultimate Muscle Gaining Diet” and is made as simple as can be, such as simply taking whey protein after each training session.

    And why exactly should you trust this manual’s solution? Simply because the creator of the manual and this program, Jacob Hiller, he’s been right where you are; trying time and again, and failing to improve his vertical jump. With this general training, he was only able to get a jump of a maximum of 4-9 inches. But with the proper principles and techniques, Jacob found himself able to jump up to 44 inches higher, which is much closer to that perfect basketball shot! Apart from providing his experience to convince you, Jacob gives you the guarantee to DOUBLE your money back if this doesn’t work for you. Double the money, wow! If that isn’t convincing enough, then I don’t know what is.

    Now, is there any possible question left about how to improve your vertical jump that hasn’t been covered already? If you’re thinking you can still manage to improve it all on your own, and if you believe your training will help you perfect your basketball shot, you obviously weren’t paying close enough attention. The Jump Manual is the key to improving your vertical jump because it helps you reach heights you never could before.

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