The Best Streetball Courts

For those of you who love the rush of playing basketball, but live above the rules, streetball is the game for you. Played typically on outdoor courts made for the public, this game is more lax about the rules of basketball. The streetball courts are open to anyone with a passion for playing, and allow people to put their talent and skill publically on display.

Since these courts are public, one does not have to be a part of a league or a club to participate. All you have to do is express a wish to play, and you will be included. There is no fixed number of players, and the team members are alternated between teams to reduce any foul play. Although there are streetball courts installed in almost every district of a well-organized city, there are some places that the ardent follower of the game needs to visit to appreciate the true glory of the sport.

America is the place where the heart of basketball lies; from asphalt courts in the quiet life neighborhoods to the magnificent league arenas that showcase the NBA playoffs, basketball is a game that unifies. Therefore, it is only expected that some of the greatest streetball courts are American

Located at 155th Street and Fredrick Douglas Boulevard in Harlem, Manhattan; Rucker Park is probably the most famous streetball court on this planet. The park was initially established by a school teacher to give the opportunity to students to hone and showcase their basketball skills. The game then slowly evolved into a series of maneuvers and tricks to become basketball. Many NBA legends started their playing days at the Rucker Park, and were selected off of its soil into the big leagues. Names such as Chris Mullin and Kyrie Iverson made and patented their signature moves on the very asphalt of these courts. If you want to witness historical moves being created in person, this is the place where you need to be.

California is mainly known for its sunny weather, and palm planted beaches. However, one such beach is renowned worldwide for its ball courts. The Venice Beach holds one of America’s greatest streetball tournaments every summer. The famous basketball movie, White men, can’t jump, was filmed mostly on location here. The beach is known for its numerous asphalt and sand courts, and the high level of the game that is played here. Many current NBA players showcased their talents on these very courts, and were picked up by their teams within this very vicinity. The beach is also a hotspot for professional basketball players, which is an added incentive for any streetball enthusiast. Here, you’ll witness some of a perfect streetball moves in the world.

Another American locality, the West Fourth Street Courts, also known as “the Cage”, double as one of the most notable public avenues for amateur basketball. The Cage hosts one of the most famous annual Streetball contests in the country. Due to its tiny size and fenced off borders; all regulations are set aside during play. Losing teams rarely get to play twice due to the sheer number of people looking for a chance to get inside its wired walls. The game often gets rough due to closed quarters, and is played as one of its most physical forms here. The Cage attracts visitors at every hour who come to watch, cheer on, and look for a chance to get inside for their own. If you don’t like excessive physical gameplay, the Cage is the wrong locality for you. Many NBA legends have thrown elbows within the vicinity of the walls, here at Greenwich Village.

America is home to many basket ball centers, but these few mentioned above are the best and the most worthy of all streetball arenas. Play here takes the form of the purest version of basketball, with players trying out moves that would result in fouls in a real basketball game.

If you are looking for courts outside of America, The Playground Schiocchi situated in Modena; Italy is one of the most famous streetball arenas in Europe. Talent from all across the country and the continent converges at this point to watch and play some classic streetball. If you want to diverge further outwards, the Praharn Park in Melbourne, Australia is the most renowned of its like in Australia. The arenas are housed within a state park, which contains courts for all kinds of sports. The park is a beacon for streetball enthusiasts in all of Australia.

While the world hosts streetball courts at every corner, there are some that have a unique appeal to them. Be it the enormous annual streetball championships held by the State that attracts enthusiasts from around the world, or the lure of visiting places where basketball legends were born, these streetball courts are shrines dedicated to the sport. The energy and passion flowing around these courts is enough to convert anyone.

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