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Every person who has ever held a basketball in their hands has, no doubt, seen themselves soaring towards the basket and hitting a slam dunk. The reality, however, is much different. No matter how tall or fast we may be, scoring a slam dunk seems to be nearly impossible. As we are all aware, the internet is seemingly filled with how to dunk a basketball vertical training packages and offers.

Most of these training turn out to be scams, which take your money and teach you absolutely nothing useful regarding how to dunk a basketball vertical training. Here is how Vert Shock stands out from the rest of these training: It works!

Rather than simply taking your money, Vert Shock gives results. The training is so helpful that five to six inches may be added to your vertical jump before your training is even complete.


As it turns out, the majority of how to dunk a basketball vertical training programs focus on overtraining- which leaves you with injuries and unsatisfied results because there is no change in your vertical jump. Vert Shock, however, especially focuses on exercises that target “special fibers” of the body.

These exercises are particularly designed to shock the central nervous system of the body into jumping higher. What this essentially means is that, there is a guarantee you will see positive results in a short amount of time. Vert Shock ensures that its entire program is based on hard science, years of unquestionable proof and verified training principles.

The combination of these, results in a vertical training program which is unlike anything else currently available on the internet.

What makes Vert Shock the right choice?

Well, it’s simple.

Other vertical jump programs focus on “Habitual Jump Training”. What this means is that you are told to jump over and over again, in the hope that your body will pick up on the signal and begin to communicate and coordinate with your jumping muscles better. What happens is that this tires you out and prevents you from jumping to your maximum height at any point during the workout.

Vert Shock, on the other hand, significantly reduces your number of jumps per workout so you do not burn yourself out and can jump your highest on each jump. This, in turn, trains your maximum jump height and exponentially increases it so that you are jumping higher each time. Not only does this technique make your workout easier and shorter, but it also ensures that you see results quicker than you imagined.

Do you feel like your vertical jump is just not increasing?

If you feel this way, it is most probably true. That does not, however, mean that the problem necessarily lies in you. In fact, in most probability, it is due to the lack of productive advice you are being offered. It may be, as mentioned before, due to the excessive jumps in the workout which result in nothing but tiring you out.

Here is how Vert Shock ensures your jump improves:

  • Exercises which shock your body to jump to its maximum potential

  • Bodyweight and plyometric exercises have scientifically proven to train your muscles and nervous system to jump higher

  • Constant support and motivation from other members

  • Weekly emails to help you out

  • The constant availability of someone to offer your advice or any help

But the game is more than just dunking!

While that is true, because a basketball game is a lot more than just dunking and you might be wondering why you should spend so much money on how to dunk a basketball vertical training when the game is so much more than that. This is perhaps the only disadvantage of this program. The fact that this entire program only improves one aspect of your game may be a little bit of a letdown.

However, it can be related from personal experience that Vert Shock offers a lot more than just an improvement in your vertical jump.

It increases your speed so you are much faster on court

It improves your reaction time so your head is much more in the game

It allows you to become dominant on the court, which if you were someone like me, you might have been more of a passive player before.

Most importantly, it gets you noticed by other coaches and scouts and may even get you your dream position or a full scholarship, as it did for me.

Your team members and juniors begin to see you as kind of a basketball guru and come to you for advice and tips.

All in all, you own the game- on court and off court.

What is the training program comprised of?

By this point, you might be wondering what this training program comprises of, and the answer is:


The Vert Shock training program comprises of a lot of extremely helpful material. I was astonished at the extensive material I was being offered for such a reasonable price!

It contained a Quick Start Guide, which helped me get started real quick. There was a Pre-Shock Phase Workout plan which allowed my body to get itself ready to soar through the air. This was followed by a Shock Phase Workout plan which was the point where I began to see an increase in my vertical jump. The Post Shock Workout Plan was essential to ensure that the result remained permanent instead of being a fleeting success. To make everything a lot easier, the training pack also contained Step-by-Step Exercise videos which allowed me to properly understand and execute each exercise. The Vert Tracker allowed me to keep track of how many inches were added on to my jump.

Money spent on empty promises?

Since Vert Shock was not the first vertical jump training program I tried, I can understand this concern extremely well. It seemed every single vertical training program seemed to promise great results but barely improved my jump at all. The most surprising thing about Vert Shock was their guarantee of a complete refund if I felt like any of the promises they made were not fulfilled. This allowed me to feel much safer while entering the training program.

By the time I had completed the training program, I had realized that I would have willingly paid more because the results from this program were so prominent so quickly.

Wait, there are bonuses!?

As if that wasn’t enough, Vert Shock has added several bonuses such as Vertical Jump Killers and Dirty Secrets to Jumping Higher, which are the icing on the cake because they are extremely helpful.

And THAT is why Vert Shock is the one for you!

With a guaranteed increase in your vertical jump and a promise of an overall improvement in your basketball game, Vert Shock hands you your dream in a platter- just as it did for me. The exercises are not only tried and tested; but they are also backed up by scientific evidence as well as various testimonies from previous members- all of which ensure that Vert Shock only offers the very best training program available on the internet.

If you are anything like me, and your Google search is filled with “How to dunk a basketball Vertical Training”, here is your stop. All you have to do now is sign up at Vert Shock and prepare to have your life changed.

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