Top 10 Basketball Dunks

It’s the time when you see all eyes following the moving bodies in the court, when gushes of wind carry with them noise full of enthusiasm from all around you, when you feel your heart beat raise with every thud of that orange sphere, filling your veins with thrill.

For all basketball lovers out there! What could all these, uniforms, foam fingers, flags, score boards, cheering and shouting mean, other than the NATIONAL BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION!

Yes! I’m talking about the most shocking, the most bamboozling, the most breath taking tricks you have ever seen. I’m talking about the Hottest DUNKS IN THE HISTORY OF NBA’S SLAM DUNK CONTEST!

Let’s look at what a person, my bad, a SUPER HUMAN, could do to get that thing down the basket!


Let’s get going with 1984, National Basketball Association’s first Slam Dunk Contest and with Larry Nance, the first man Ever to win the Slam Dunk Championship. Because of his smoldering hot, powerful, and yet graceful performance, he swayed the people away and left them stunned.


You can expect the unexpected from this 5’7” tall, man of skill! It was only 1986 when this guy left the world bewildered by his outstanding performance. To gain what he had worked day and night for, he bounced the round rock and then had a battle of fury showing the orange mass that Spud was no less. He went up and up into the air, grabbed the ball and what a nasty reverse slam it was! With everyone from their seats onto their feet, wait a go Spud!


Kenny Walker was also known as the, “Sky”, got the crowd cheering their lungs out with his dunk in the 1989’s Slam Dunk contest. Being named the sky, even the death of his father couldn’t allow his feet to stick to the ground. He flew high in the sky and right before the eyes of the audience, forced the ball through the net, with nothing holding him back. Perhaps, in a struggle to earn his father’s pride, he showed the world that nothing more than the sky, was the limit for Kenny.


Did someone call this guy, the best dunker of the dunk contest? Hell yeah, they did, because Carter made sure he raised the bar in the 2000 Slam Dunk Contest! What this fuss is of, was, not ONLY a 360 before he pushed his rock through the basket but, a REVERSE 360! What a display of strength and authority. Carter let the blades of his windmill spin that day.


We all already know Carter won the hearts of the crowd in the 2000 Slam Dunk Contest. But man! Did he make sure that he left the people with more than one thing to remember him by. A grip by your fingers holding the ball, letting it go down the basket is one thing, but have you ever seen someone do a dip, and then let their forearm hang around for a while with the basket? No, you haven’t! Because it was, something Carter could only boggle you with.


Did I say super human before, and you forgot to think about Superman flying in court and making the plunge? Well, you should have. Because our buddy Dwight Howard did not just wear the red cape but he showed the audience out there, that Superman was not going anywhere without his super dunk!

He flew up in the air and “Threw the ball Through” that net with his overwhelming power. And there we had the NBA’s entertainment at its best. Thank you, superman!


With a tough competition in 1988’s Slam Dunk Contest, he took the risk and performed a dunk that was done before him. It was the heat of the game, and he showed the audience who was the boss. Now when we hear the term Air, it’s AIR JORDAN! And no other who performed before him or after him because the magnificence, grace, and beauty of his double-clutch dunk was like no other. And boy did he make this double clutch iconic! We salute you Jordan!


How could the list go on without including one of the ruling kings of the NBA’S Slam Dunk Contest?

Jason did some pretty good dunkin’ during his reign, and it’s hard to choose which one of them to go on and on about. But let’s take the most deserving, 2003 for instance. Yes! The between the legs done backward. Jason throws the ball from the baseline, chases it like a cheetah and when he finally grabs it, it’s no time for Mr. Nice guy. He flies with his back towards the basket, bringing the ball from between his legs and SLAM DUNK! There were 10’s everywhere, and the judges had their hands tied with Jason Richardson getting his second dunk title.


What a show and what a show stopper move to go for! Derozan introduced the neatest dunk in the 2011 Slam Dunk Contest. He throws the ball towards the basket and then with the ball in the air, flies like an eagle to grasp and then so quickly, and so smoothly does he bring his body below the rim and throws it down in Reverse style! Brava Demar Derozan! Such a speedy move and it was only a matter of seconds that left our jaws dropped.

These are only a few of the top Dunk Masters of all times. To do justice to other great men, champions and I don’t know Acrobats? You have to see the NBA’s Slam Dunk Contest and if you love basketball and want to get in the game then, you might as well become a part of it.

Good luck reading, and making history!

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